Interested in working from home as a casual part time agent?  We have calling hours available NOW for experienced outbound agents with a minimum of two years of experience.

If you:

  • are available for up to 20 hours weekly,
  • have an above average understanding of technology,
  • understand how to use a CRM,
  • Speak and write fluent English, and
  • Have your own private, quiet office,
  • Have your own PC with a minimum of 8 gigs of RAM and at least a Core I3 Intel or AMD 5 processer,
  • Have wired internet and
  • Have your own headset,

you can apply to work from home for us temporarily, as we require home-based agents to take overflow from our Las Vegas call center.  (When the dust settles from COVID, we will be resuming operations at our on-premise call center at Sahara and Valley View, great local agents may be invited to apply for full time employment at that time.  We will not be offering remote employment past our return to on-premise operations.)

Please note:  any Las Vegas applicant who has previously submitted a resume or an application and then no-showed for an interview or job fair need not apply again.

This is an outbound only, business to business only temporary, part time contract position.   We assign hours to contract agents in the following order:  we ask the previous week's top performers, then agents by seniority, then any others hours remaining are assigned as required by immediate availability.  Anyone who makes a commitment to calling and then does not complete the agreed upon hours will not be asked again regardless of our requirements.  We reserve all rights, there is no guarantee of available work from week to week regardless of previous performance or relationship.

Our minimum performance expectations are 250 dials per every 20 hours of calling, and 2 appointments per week on SMB programs.   Hours are assigned every Friday for the following week. We offer repeat hours only to agents that continuously hit these markers.  Our on-premise call center is held to the same standards, and seven years of historical data allows us to understand our Key Performance Indicators well - if you want to work hard, talk to business owners about how they are solving complex technology challenges, and generate a regular home-based income, we'd love to talk to you!

To apply:

You will need to provide us with your PC specs

(Windows Start Menu>>System Information>>then screenshot or use the snipping tool to capture the information - see snapshot)

Next, record a short YouTube video of you in your private home office, showing us the equipment you use and the space you have available for working from home.  The video should be no more than five minutes long - tell us about yourself, your experience and your availability. Please set your video to private, and send us the link to it with your application.

Please fill out our application in full. We are unable to respond to calls or emails about employment at this time.   We will contact those we wish to interview.  Remember to provide us with your PC specs and put the link to your youtube video in your application.