Everywhere Managed offers two approaches to sales appointment setting:

  1.  Pay monthly per full or part time SDR
  2.  Pay for performance

Both approaches offer a temporary or permanent approach to sales development.  Using an outsourced sales development team eliminates the need to find, hire, train, develop and manage a team of SDRs.  We can usually have your first appointment scheduled well before you'd be finished your first round of candidate interviews.

Flat rate programs benefit companies who want the following:

  • Ownership of all appended data for future in-house use
  • Reporting on all dials and statistics to benchmark the performance of in-house teams
  • Ownership of all sales collateral, scripts and templates developed for their program
  • The ability to easily transition their program to an in-house team in the future (with the help of the Everywhere Managed team, if desired!)

Pay for performance programs benefit companies who want the following:

  • Low risk approach to outsourced sales appointment setting (pay only for attended appointments)
  • A set number amount of appointments monthly
  • Appointments only - the data aggregated and all materials developed remain the property of Everywhere Managed

Rates are determined by the level of difficulty, the amount and quality of the data available for your program, your qualifying parameters and the point of entry.

Clients have reported 500-1000% ROI on their appointment setting programs.  Our professional, experienced SDR team is located in our Las Vegas call center.  Our clients include Fortune 50 companies, technology unicorns, Inc. 5000 winners,  SaaS startups and established  and emerging SMBs.  Whether you need hundreds of sales appointments a month, or one appointment a week, Everywhere Managed can help.

Contact us using this form, or call us anytime to discuss your requirements.  We can often be calling live in under ten days!