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Happy International Women's Day!

Everywhere Managed is proud to be 100% female owned, and currently 100% of our executive team are women.  While we did not set out to be skewed so aggressively towards hiring and promoting women into leadership roles, we intentionally set ...

Creating and Delivering An Elevator Pitch

A clear, concise elevator pitch is essential for your business, as it allows you to summarize your value in any situation:  networking event, trade show or even at a coffee shop, airport ...

The Secret to Successful Cold Calling

  As much as we all want a campaign to generate ROI immediately, the success of a prospecting campaign isn’t realized in one month or three months. Cold calling is a ...

Outbound Prospecting: Should I Pitch a Product or an Idea?

If you are using outbound cold calling to create demand for your service-based business, you’ll first need to decide whether or not you want to focus on the value proposition of ...


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