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When it comes to buying lists online, where do you get the biggest bang for your buck?

Should you buy a contact list online from Dun and Bradstreet?

Should you buy data from SalesGenie?

Should you buy your sales prospecting lists from ZoomInfo?

There are a lot of inexpensive list brokers out there, and there are a lot of quite expensive data platforms out there.  Which data broker should you buy your contact lists from?

There are some problems with the sales lead lists available online.

The "better" choices are the more expensive choices.  Unfortunately, they are also the lists that are least useful for SMBs trying to contact other SMBs (small and medium sized businesses). If you own a service-based business with under 50 employees, and you sell to other businesses like yours, you aren't going to find a lot of value in large data platforms focused on providing assumed decision makers by title and buyer intent.  You aren't looking for the IT director of a 500 employee company.  You're looking for the CEO of a company with 25 employees.  Your sales cycles and deal sizes will be different from an enterprise sales focused team. If you're looking for the latter, the information from large data platforms very likely won't be helpful for you, as fewer small companies are willing to pay the high cost per lead for smaller deal sizes. Most of the sales contact list platforms don't pursue data validation at the SMB level.

Which lists are best for a small business selling to small businesses?

The least expensive choices - which are more generic data aggregators - are also the best choices for small business.  You can buy lists from SalesGenie or buy lists from Hoovers for under a dollar per contact.  These lists will still be 30% out of date - possibly much higher post-Covid 19 due to the extraordinary number of businesses closing and employees being furloughed.

Should I buy a data subscription for my small business?

These companies also offer data subscriptions - wholly unnecessary for a principal-led sales organization (a company where the business owner is still the primary sales rep for the business).  If you have so many potential contacts in your market that you need a data subscription, you still won't have the man-hours available to call that many contacts, so while an "all you can eat data platform" sounds appealing remember that the data is 30% inaccurate and even with a full time outbound caller you'll only be able to call a few thousand leads a year.  As the business owner, if you're making ten to twenty outbound calls daily, you'll never need that many leads.

Buy the data once, and download a .csv (comma separated values) file - the online data isn't refreshed often enough to warrant the subscription.

While the large list sellers are the best option for small businesses, there are three big challenges that come with inexpensive data:

  1. Bad data frustrates your sales and marketing team
  2. Bad data wastes your marketing budget
  3. Bad data skews your performance metrics

Bad Data Frustrates Your Sales And Marketing Team

Imagine going to work next week, and being told when you walk in the door:  "Thirty percent of what you do this week will be absolutely useless and will not contribute to the success of the business,  and will not help you achieve your performance variable this month."  How excited would you be to start your day?  Buying a list from an online broker usually brings with it a huge amount of out-of-date information.  With the number of furloughs, and temporary and permanent business closures that data is likely even more "dirty" than it was six months ago.  You're going to have to do a significant amount of work to clean it up.  The absolute worst use of your sales and marketing team's time is working through data to identify bad contacts and wrong numbers.

Bad Data Wastes Your Marketing Budget

Gorgeous marketing collateral that goes to no one.  Stamps.  Dead contacts in your marketing platform. Outbound calls to bad numbers.  Outbound calls to out of data contacts.  Calling down on a list that is 30% inaccurate can waste up to $6500.00 per campaign!  (Assuming an entry level outbound agent is dialing - if the business owner is dialing into dirty data we need to talk...)

Bad Data Skews Your Team Performance Metrics

If your outbound sales team numbers are lagging and your inbound sales leads have stalled, it might be a good time to spot check the integrity of your data!  Our team gets measured to six variable metrics, and their compensation is tied to them.  Whatever your team is measuring, if the data you give them is out of date, their numbers are going to suffer.  If your sales numbers dipped last quarter, check to see what you imported into your CRM the few quarters previously.  Check your caller activity dispositions (if you don't know what these are, schedule some time to talk with us about developing Key Performance Indicators for your team by filling out this form) for Bad Numbers, Wrong Numbers, and No Longer Here dispositions and compare them to the previous months.  You may not have a people problem, you may have a garbage in your database problem!

What's My Absolute Best Option?

Your best option is to build and maintain your own sales database.  Your sales database can be your weakest link or your greatest business asset.  Our database is one of the best in our industry - we built it ourselves and we've scrubbed it daily for seven years.  The data is clean, the decision makers are clearly identified, and we have direct dials and email addresses.  We built it, then scrubbed it, and now it ensures that every call is a targeted call, and our 10,000 contact newsletter gets fewer than 2% bounce/unsubscribe/spam reports every month.

You can build your own sales lead lists using Google and LinkedIn.  We'll show you how on June 30, 2002 at 11:00 AM PDT.

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