Welcome 2020!

But first, let's discuss 2019.  How did it end for you?  Did you achieve the amount of success you had hoped for?  If not, you may want to consider doing things differently in 2020!

“If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.”

Every year I challenge business owners to create their marketing plans and stick to them for the duration of the year.   Here are the things standing in between you and a successful and prosperous 2020, and my unsolicited advice on how you can overcome these obstacles.

  1. Indecision

How much time do you spend trying to decide your next course of action when it comes to sales and marketing products, services or activities?  If you spend all of your time on the fence, you're not going to achieve the success you want this year.  It takes one quarter of inactivity to completely paralyze your sales pipeline for the rest of the year.  You can work with a third party firm like ours,  or you can do it in-house, but you need to get started now.   Done is better than perfect. There is never a perfect time to begin anything new, so stop putting it off and start your marketing engine.  If you put it off for a quarter,  you're pushing off success until 2021.

  1. Unrealistic Expectations

Jumping from service provider to service provider, or having a revolving door in your sales room is expensive.  A stop-start-stop-start approach to sales and marketing means you're never getting the results you want.  One bad quarter doesn't mean your sales rep is terrible, and one bad month doesn't mean your outsourcing partner is terrible.

Pick a marketing system you believe in and want to try.  Then, stick to it for a year.  No matter what you're trying to do, it needs time to get rolling, and even more time to work.   If you believe that it's going to be different for you, you're setting up your marketing partner and your business for failure.

  1. Distractions

Don’t get distracted once you've set your goals for 2020.  New things will come along -- ignore them, you can try them in 2021.  Focus on your current systems and processes.  Let 2020 be the year that you make a plan, improve it constantly, and stick to it.   You will never be successful if you allow every little thing to push you off course.   If 2020 is the year that you’ve decided to focus on improved service delivery, do that.  If you’re going to add 10 new clients, focus on that.  Even when it’s boring and more importantly, when you’ve started seeing some success and you feel like you can take your foot off the gas – keep focused on your plan.

A Simple Resolution for Sales Growth

If growth is your priority, here is a simple thing that you can do yourself with no planning, no extra money and no extra bodies:

Start Cold Calling!

Begin by calling ten new prospects every day. I suggest this simple process:

Call, find out who makes the decision for your product or service, then introduce yourself, and your company.

Get their email addresses, and ask permission to continue to communicate with them.

Send them an email (use a template, don't waste valuable time customizing emails that nobody is going to read most of the time!)

Schedule a follow up call at a time that is appropriate based on their response to your call.  (Someone who is looking for a new provider will have a different follow up timeline than someone who just signed a three year contract with one of your competitors.)

Follow up how, and when you are asked by the prospect to do so.  Don't miss opportunities because of bad calendar management or skipping your follow up activities.  Most of the sales process is still being in the right place, at the right time.   Don't lose deals because you couldn't be bothered to make those five scheduled follow up calls today!

This will take you less than an hour a day.  You don’t have to buy anything new to do this.  You don’t need to pay a coach, an expert or a marketing company.  You'll learn a lot about your sales process doing this if you've never done it before.

If you're ready to try outbound calling, but not sure you want to do it yourself, call us to talk about how we can help you with training, consulting or just taking your prospecting activities right off of your plate for 2020, or fill out this form:

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