We like to give every day their own day, but with so many things going on in our family at Christmas this year - new babies, and what not (not mine!) we just didn't have the time we wanted to to close out our #12DaysOfGiving Posts on time!

On Day 11, our client, Doberman Technologies, from Lansing, Michigan, liked our idea so much that instead of allowing us to do it for them, they went and selected eleven winter coats and donated them to St. Vincent Catholic Charities!  http://stvcc.org/donating/

(Ian Richardson, CEO of Doberman and his son on their way to drop off their gift...)

And on the 12th day of giving, we donated 12 blankets and 12 packages of AA batteries to

Shine  A Light Las Vegas.  

Shine A Light is a volunteer organization organized by Freedom House, an addiction recovery center.  For those of you who've only seen the glitz and glamour of the Las Vegas Strip, the levels of poverty and homelessness might surprise you.  There are networks of people living outside in Las Vegas, and the weather, while clement much of the time, isn't always - and if the shelters are full, or your mental health prevents you from advocating for yourself, you may not find yourself a warm place to sleep every night.  Shine A Light not only goes into the places others won't to donate items needed, they share their stories of recovery with those they are helping - many people find themselves in detox and treatment facilities after being approached by Shine A Light.

Happy Holidays to all of you - thank you for another great year.  Some highlights for Everywhere Managed this year:

  • Our operations director, Sharon Lagace, retired.  We miss her like crazy.
  • Carrie Simpson graduated from the Small Business Administration Emerging Leaders "Streetwise MBA" program.
  • We promoted two more women off of the call floor and into management roles.
  • We completed our first year of Traction/EOS and saw our hard work pay off in so many ways. If you're on the fence about whether or not your company is ready for Traction, I encourage you to meet with a facilitator for your free 90 minute meeting.  The numbers don't lie, and we've had our best year ever this year, and I can't wait to see how a full year with the tools we have at our disposal applies in 2020.

To my team, who worked so hard through the Traction scorecard hits and misses, and did everything they could to meet our core values every day:  "Thank you!"  I can't wait to celebrate with you in January.  For the rest of the year, enjoy your time off, and I'll see you ready to blow our numbers out of the water in 2020.