On the 9th day of giving we completely cut and paste our 9th day of giving post for #12DaysOfGiving from the Managed Sales Pros website because today is the day we have to go buy our tree, our decorations, our last minute gifts and maybe do some secret fun random acts of kindness at the mall (shudder) - my husband HATES the mall.

Traditionally, our family has done charitable donations for the holidays, which are simple, easy and do a lot of good - especially considering that we have everything we need.  But some years I crave a Christmas like the ones my parents used to create for us as children - filled with excitement and surprises and wonder (Like that bird ornament we had that tweeted all day long as we kids ran around the house looking for the bird that my parents kept pointing out and we could never find!  Now I know that it bought them an hour of coffee time and that there never was any bird, but I'm looking for one of those christmas bird balls today, let me tell you...)

So, because today I have to go Christamas-ing, this post is identical to the one we posted over on Managed Sales Pros today - and I look forward to sharing Day 10 with you tomorrow!  We're loving the #12DaysOfGiving this year.  Our EOS/Traction results gave us a lot of extra to share this year - with our team and with the community!

So without further adieu - on the 9th day of giving we donated 9x50 gift cards to the Court Appointment Special Advoctes of Las Vegas Angel Tree holiday celebration!

Learn more about CASA Foundation  LV and the Angel Tree celebration here:  https://www.casafoundationlv.org/events-we-host


Many children in foster care in Nevada (and all over North America) will miss out on many of the opportunities that their friends will have.  New clothing, access to activities, movies or sporting events – many of these things are out of the reach of foster families.  The Angel Tree celebration provides gifts to childrens and teenagers in care who may not otherwise receive a brand new gift at Christmas.   We were especially interested in providing gifts to older teenagers, who often get overlooked during the holiday celebration.

My mom HATES buying gift cards for Christmas.  She has always felt that it is impersonal.  However, as we don’t know the teen that we’re buying for, in this case it allows the teen to buy what they want, or perhaps it gets added to a savings account for a special item the child has been wanting.

I know in our family the first time one of our foster children was allowed to go to the store and buy her own shoes – any pair she wanted – it was a very overwhelming moment for her. (And this is from a conversation with her many years later…) She struggled with the idea  that she “deserved” the shoes.  Buying them with her foster parents money, with us observing her choosing them was hard, as she had been told her whole life that she didn’t get new shoes, shoes were expensive.  She was a gifted athlete who had been playing her sport in her brothers too-big hand-me-downs for her entire life.  Being able to buy a special item – or just an item wanted – without the eyes or judgement of your family is a nice experience.

The point of that personal story is that kids deserve to have some autonomy over their personal spending – the same way that you and I do.  A gift card is never my first choice of present, but it can make an awful lot of sense for a child who maybe wants the nice makeup her friends buy after seeing it on Instagram, or something that her foster parents may consider “frivolous”.  Something that is new and YOURS is a very special thing to someone who has had their possessions stolen, lost or forgotten in one of the many moves they’ve been forced into over their lives.   So in this case, I’m happy to provide gift cards, and I hope they’re enjoyed by the teens who received them.

We made this donation earlier in the year so that the gifts could be distributed at the Angel Tree Christmas party.  It was one of my favorite gifts this year, and also one that was influenced by Uprite IT.  (FYI, we asked ALL of our clients who they’d donate to this year, but not everyone got back to us with suggestions, so sometimes we got to give twice for the clients that did get back to us!  Thanks Stephen!

And for those of you who would like an extra Christams treat, here’s a video of my Mom (our director of sales operations and resident Zoho magician) singing her favorite Christmas carol.