As much as we all want a campaign to generate ROI immediately, the success of a prospecting campaign isn’t realized in one month or three months. Cold calling is a long-term play, not a hail mary.

Be consistent.  Be persistent.

Process-focused, consistent long-term lead nurturing is essential for success. Prospecting is like a high-interest savings account. You need to start early and add your funds often. If you deposit $50 a week into your savings account for three months and then doing nothing further, it’s not going to generate much interest for you. Putting that $50 into a bank account once a week over ten years creates retirement income. Sporadic effort will not generate the same ROI that consistent outbound activity will.

I have been pursuing some client opportunities for over three years! I expect several of those deals to close this year. If I had engaged with them a few times and then never attempted to contact them again, we wouldn’t be experiencing the success we are right now. The foundation for our pipeline this fiscal year was determined by our activities last year, and all the years previous.  Nurturing is the key to success.

Start making calls now, and then keep making calls. Don’t worry about being perfect, just worry about getting those essential first “dollars” in the “bank”. Our process was built through practice, not theory, and it was built to be scalable, repeatable and simple to follow. It’s still not finished, and it’s certainly not perfect. We strive to grow and improve daily.

Practicing patience

There are three “P”s to remember in your journey towards outbound calling success:

Process, people, and patience.

People – someone has to make those calls, whether it’s you or your sales team.  You can’t automate everything.

Process – some things you can and should automate, and your entire team should be aware of the step by step actions that are taken to ensure all of your leads are qualified, engaged, and then nurtured until they “buy or die”.  We don’t consider “not interested” to be a permanent outcome.

The right approach should help you predict your sales for years, not quarters. Gathering data, learning more about your prospect and what’s important to them, learning important data points like contract end dates and applying them to your sales process will be essential to your success. Rational business owners make informed decisions to change providers at times that are minimally disruptive to their business. They don’t break contracts and they don’t buy on your timeline.  The path to a high value sales relationship includes a change of your status in the eye of the buyer. You move through the following stages:  sales rep, expert, trusted advisor, friend, and finally, partner.

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