If you are using outbound cold calling to create demand for your service-based business, you’ll first need to decide whether or not you want to focus on the value proposition of your business as a whole, or focus on one particular product or service you offer to clients.  There are benefits to each.

What are the benefits to using a product-specific approach?

A laser-focused approach on one product or service allows you to create immediate interest – hopefully, enough interest to keep a conversation going. For example, if you are a law firm looking for new business, you may want to create an entire campaign around one practice area and one vertical target (for example, reviewing  and updating service agreements for IT companies who may have just used an online template to create their legal contracts years ago before they had actual revenue).

If you’re going to build out an offering specific approach, try using open ended questions:

  • “Who is responsible for executing contracts?”
  • “When was the last time you updated or changed your client contracts?”
  • “How often do you make changes to your service ageements?”
  • “Who developed your original client services contract?”

These questions should reveal:

  • Whether or not the prospect has a provider they are happy with.
  • How concerned they are about the problem.
  • How knowledgeable the prospect is about your solution.

These open ended questions should create enough doubt around their current solution to convince the prospect that they should consider evaluating other providers—namely, you.


Pitching Product Specific has Some Drawbacks

There can be issues when you pitch by product or offering.  When you approach a prospect with a specific problem, and position yourself as the expert in solving that specific problem you may lose the opportunity to sell them on the idea of you as a provider of all things.  Using the same example, your law firm focuses on multiple practice areas – your conversation may be shut down if you present yourself as a firm that specializes in only one thing:

The conversation may go a little something like this:

“We specialize in creating service agreements for IT companies!”

“We just had ours reviewed by ABC Law firm, we’re happy with it.”

“Oh, well we also help our clients with HR challenges.”

“But I thought you specialized in contracts?”

“Well, we do a lot of things really well.”

“I think I’ll go find a firm that focuses exclusively on HR for my HR needs, thank you.”

This is why I prefer to let the prospect organically identify the biggest challenge they are having, and then you can present the right solution, or solutions, to solve that problem. Your goal is to get the initial appointment, and at that appointment you can clearly outline all the ways you can help them – first focusing on the one that they have identified is their biggest priority.


How Do You Decide How To Pitch?

How you pitch is highly dependent on the person you’re pitching.  A good rule of thumb is to consider what your prospect is responsible for within their organization. Is your contact responsible for ideas or execution?

If you’re speaking to someone who is actively using the tools and processes that are implemented, you can approach this contact with a specific solution.   They will see value in one thing that changes how one problem is solved.

If your prospect is responsible for guiding the success of the entire organization, the less you will focus on specific products or services.  This is a time to talk about process, problem solving and strategy.  You can solve a problem with a product, but you need to develop a strategy to provide a true solution to the underlying issues.

Individual products and services can be a great way to open the door, but strategies and ideas win much larger deals. Understand a prospect’s role in the company so you can make sure you have the right conversation, and start winning more deals of all sizes, more often.

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